“How to be a Bawse” by Lily Singh book summary and notes



  1. Failure shouldn’t destroy your success/life
  2. Your success shouldn’t rest on stilts
  3. Have meetings after recurring events to review/reflect
  4. Don’t just survive, conquer
  5. Do something to make a statement, not get by
  6. Compliment yourself. My compliments were-
    1. I am curious about the world
    2. I want to grow as a person
    3. I am an amazing listener
    4. Economical
    5. Altruistic
  7. Be secretive at times. Don’t be too vulnerable or reveal too much about yourself. This was a really interesting insight for me because I am often too open and this comes back to bite me. I have always heard people saying being vulnerable is a strength, etc but it can also be a liability. It also depends on who you are interacting with.



  • Priorities are like opinions, not FACTS!
    • Not everyone is going to have the same priorities as you
    • You need to recognize this otherwise it leads to conflict
    • Lily talks about when she prioritized dancing but her dance teammates were not as invested
      • But she didn’t recognize this so it lead to conflict



  • When you are going in circles ask
  • “Am I a Ferriss Wheel” If not stop going in circles and make some tough decisions
  • Things simplify when you take a step back


  • Not being nice is like poisoning yourself with bad vibes

Set Deadlines

  • Force them upon yourself by putting money at stake if you don’t stick to it
    • There are two good apps for this Beeminder and Stickk
    • I used them both myself and I especially like Beeminder because you can link it to other apps which will automatically report your progress. This leaves no room for false self-reporting and forces you to complete the task.
  • Break a big project into small pieces with deadlines
  • Try to make your goals/commitments public so you can be held accountable


  • Discomfort is currency
    • It is the price you pay to learn crucial things




  • Friends change your Social Media password until you are done studying
  • Confiscate phone until your work is done
  • Change wifi pass until work out is done


  1. Take full ownership of them
  2. Call yourself out
  3. Find REAL solutions
  4. Communicate

Self Control

  1. Set goals for yourself
    1. Create a schedule to complete a task by a certain time and the rest is free time
    2. I will finish x # of tasks before I finish working


  • If you stay true to your values only when things are going well then they are not values! Our beliefs should not falter in heated situations



  1. The temptation to slack off will always be there, ur ability to deal with it needs to change
  2. The joy of accomplishing goals is more fulfilling than the disappointment of missing a little fun

Send GPS deep

  • It is easy to cover up a problem
  • Go beyond the blanket to the root of the problem

Challenge Yourself

  • Think of a bad habit and monitoring session


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