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Author Proby Shandilya breaks down the lessons startups can learn from successful sports teams 21st Century Visionary

Today's guest is the insightful Proby Shandilya. Proby is an incoming undergraduate student at New York University studying sports management and he has authored two books on basketball front-office strategy, analyzing the factors, decisions, and management strategies that drive success for NBA teams. He has also done sports analytics research on player valuation and worked with the Houston Rockets on projects in their business strategy department. In this episode, we talk about the value of writing to crystallize thinking, why athletes and employees performance is based on their team, the importance of having conviction in your innovation, The story of the Phoenix Suns and the 3 point shot, the Missionary vs Mercenary distinction, being intentional about company culture, Nadella's revival of Microsoft, Proby's experience working with the Houston Rockets, his intense writing process, note-taking systems, mental models, and more!
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