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21st Century Visionary is the go-to podcast for young entrepreneurs, leaders, and changemakers aiming to create the future.

Hi, I am Sanat Singhal, an entrepreneur, journalist and high school senior in Silicon Valley. I created this platform to create a community of young visionaries who can empower and support each other in shaping the future.

Ep. 16 Live Episode! Young Entrepreneurs Panel at Nebula Summit ft. Michael Ioffe, Wes Woodson and Avni Barman 21st Century Visionary

Hello and Welcome back to the 21st Century Visionary podcast, the one and only podcast designed to empower young people to thrive in the 21st Century. I am your host Sanat Singhal. Today’s episode features a live youth entrepreneurship panel discussion I moderated at the Nebula Summit. The panel featured 3 inspiring entrepreneurs, the founder of Arist, Michael Ioffe, chief storyteller at the hidden company Wes Woodson, and founder of GenShe Avni Barman. We talked about their journeys, the spark behind their ventures, key resources they utilized, finding mentors, networking, leveraging your youth and inexperience, building community, finding your why, their vision and much more!  Huge shoutout to Nebula Youth Camps for organizing this amazing event! This upcoming Sunday, October 4 at 4 pm PST, I am hosting a live AMA with serial entrepreneur Art Norins, who founded the global tech service Nor1 and serves as the CEO of AI company RS11. It will be streamed live on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook so you can ask questions there. Learn more and RSVP at sanatsinghal.com.
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