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Hi, I am Sanat Singhal, an entrepreneur, journalist and high school senior in Silicon Valley. I created this platform to create a community of young visionaries who can empower and support each other in shaping the future.

Joe Wehbe on community building principles, why education today is like domesticating a cat, and his dream of a simple life for all 21st Century Visionary

Joe Wehbe is a facilitator, working on innovating education, non-linear & exponential career pathways, self-awareness, and accelerating the next generation of mission-led founders, writers, and creatives. Joe is the co-founder of the Constant Student Community, Author, and Project Leader of the book '18 & Lost? So Were We. He also hosts the Joe Wehbe Podcast and Blog, which explores introspection and self-awareness. In this episode, we talk about Joe's experience dropping out of college to build a non-profit in Nepal, feedback loops in learning, running a real estate business, alternative education paths, the idea behind his book, running a retreat for the authors, Joe's podcasting process, building community, advice to his 18-year-old self, and his vision for a simpler life.(01:50) – Joe's background  (05:27) – Dropping out of college to build a non-profit(10:53) – The importance of feedback loops in learning(13:53) – Lessons from running a real estate business(17:51) – His interest in alternative education pathways and the idea behind his book(23:53) – Running a retreat for the book authors(28:25) – "Everyone has a really good story"(29:30) – Joe's Podcasting Process(31:30) – His experience putting together a learning community(35:22) – The best success story from Constant Student(39:40) – Challenges in building community(47:10) – Why the education system is fundamentally flawed(51:00) – Advice to an 18-year-old today(53:40) – Creating a structured gap year experience(59:00) – Favorite resources(1:01:36) – Why all entrepreneurs should study philosophy(1:03:52) – Joe's vision of a simpler life for all         
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