Ep. 2 Michael Ioffe

“If you have a certain level of clarity about what you want to do and are very, very clear about what your mission is and how you’re going to accomplish it, those ideas tend to be naturally contagious”- Michael Ioffe

Today’s guest is Michael Ioffe. Michael is the 20 yr old founder of Arist, the text-based learning platform, recently named a Fast Company world changing idea and the social entrepreneur behind TILE, the world’s largest student-led conversation series. As a high schooler, he led the largest student protest in Oregon history to rebuild schools hit by the lead crisis and become the youngest high school teacher in Oregon history, teaching an innovation workshop class. As you would expect, Michael is a fascinating guy with tremendous insights and wisdom to share. We talked about the inspiration behind TILE and Arist, his journey starting out, challenges along the way, his role models, advice for young people starting out and much much more!

Connect with Michael Ioffe:

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0:00-3:00 Michael’s background

3:00-6:35 Starting TILE

6:35- 12:20 Scaling and growth

12.20- 16:35 Early struggles

16.20- 19.20 Student life and activism

19:20- 22:20 Mohammed Al-Adlani’s story hosting Tile events in Yemen and eventually escaping

22:20- 32:20 Beginnings of Arist and text message courses

32:20- 37:00 Mentors and early influences

37:00- 38:40 Doing by learning

38:40- 40:00 Staying motivated

40:00- 41:15 Creating value

41:15- 42:46 Vision for the future


By Sanat Singhal

Self Improvement and Productivity Junkie, Avid reader, Entrepreneur, Student

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